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    hey everyone has anyone heard or seen anything cool about the new star wars movie? ive seen some cool commercials and heard some cool song tho sticks out its called shes into star wars its by king. its a poppy song and when i heard it i realized the movie would be out soon. so im really excited!

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      Many of the commercials that were aired are on,also had a chance of seeing Star Wars - Revenge of the Brick,which i thought was funny and well made.

      The OST is brilliant,had a bit of a problem with episodes 1 and 2 when it came to the OST,had to listen to them few times to like em,with this one..i have no words,its just amazing.

      The DVD the comes with the RotS OST is also fun,i like it a lot.

      Tomorrow there will start the charity screening over at some cities in the U.S,so in 2-3 days expect to see pirated version floating around,i dont see what so fun watching a movie like this with such a horrible quality

      Already made plans with my friends,we are going to see it on the 20th (1 day after the world premiere isn't so bad)...going to see it at least twice

      And already thinking about where im going to buy the DVD when it will due out in September (omg im such a star wars geek).
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        This Saturday, Firebird and I bought our tickets for SW:III RotS. Here are my personal views and expectations...

        After years, months and weeks of being pissed off after SW:TPM then only with partial impovement from SW:AotC, I don't need to tell anyone here about the mixed feelings regarding part III.

        Now that I have read some reviews and seen the latest trailers.

        It seems that GL has finally taken the steps to darkness that were required to tell this final instalment, with some real sinister happenings.

        In short.....I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

        How sad! I shall post my views after actually seeing it, on Saturday night probably
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          I already have tickets for Thursday and Friday
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