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  • Dr Who on Internet Radio

    On Sunday 24 April 2005 the BBC will be broadcasting a new episode of Dr Who on BBC radio 7. This can be legally downloaded from the internet in the following 6 days.

    Jon Pertwee stars as the infamous Doctor Who in The Ghosts Of N Space, a specially written radio adventure from 1996. Sun 24th at 6pm & 12am.
    Live download

    More information.

    Recorded Download ULR (Starting Monday)
    Andrew Swallow

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    Very kewl!!!

    I think John Pertwee was the best of the good Dr's. I met him at a Star Trek convention in the 80's (yes, my youth was mis-spent as a Trekker) he was very gracious, and very entertaining. I haven't seen a Dr. Who episode in decades when it was played on Public Television. I would love to hook up with Red Dwarf again too...hilarious!
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