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Mira's return to "LOST"

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  • Mira's return to "LOST"

    Well last week Mira's character returned to the program LOST and although it was a short appearence it was most welcomed. Just seeing her do something on a popular series again shows once again her midas touch quality. I'm really looking forward to meeting her at the memorial breakfast this weekend. Speaking of that I'm going to start a new thread regarding the memorial in the B5 forum.

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    Mira's return to LOST

    I heard at the memorial show that Mira is currently filming three more episodes for the show. It was the reason she couldn't make it to the memorial show. I can't wait to see her on camera again, I also heard their planning on killing off one of the characters on the show at the end of the season, so let's hope it's not hers.


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      Nah. More'n likely it'll be one of the mains. Having a psycho-French out in the jungle is too good a plot device to toss away at this point.

      'Course, I've heard a dozen different theories as to who dies.

      Hurley, Locke, and Sawyer and the French are the only ones I'd rule out at this point. They're just not "done" yet.
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        Good points.