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  • Enterprise canceled

    Star Trek: Enterprise will come to an end following the airing of an as yet untitled series finale on May the 13th, 2005.
    Interesting read. Of course the last straw was lowest ratings, which i think is directly related to the time slot they moved it to. They shouldn't have tryed to compete with Sci-Fi friday on Sci-Fi Channel. Thats what i watch, and then watch enterprise on a local CBS affiate sunday.

    The sad thing is i was actually enjoying this season. I think it has been the best one yet. Perhaps it is time for a good 10-15 year break for Star Trek.

    PS. Don't like this news, for how to help save the show.

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    NOOOOooooooooooooooo!!!! FU**..i mean its lame compared to other Trek shows,but still,it was ok.

    They better come up fast with some answers to why the show looks like it does (much newer then the OT's),i always thought it was due to First Contact (The Borg incident DID change things)...if they wont come up with some reasonable answers,that would be uber lame.

    Oh well,at least i have Battlestar Galactica.

    Btw the news is on the official too

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      I'll miss Enterprise, but I found that in the last couple of years I was watching it more out of habit than anything else.

      During its run I was hoping to have more shows that involved the Klingons and Romulans. That Xindi arc thing kind of killed it for me. I thought that year was wasted on the good guys chasing the bad guys. The whole thing was cliche.

      It figures.... this is the last year and NOW they start with the stuff I want to see.
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        The OT had a budget that compared roughly with ice cream stands.

        That's reasonable enough.

        Although I heard it had improved itself this last year, I'm honestly not suprised. Friday is the time zone of death on normal networks. And it was just time enough.
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          Yeah, they killed the original series off by programming it on fridaynight at 22:00 hrs. When the demographic group of young males 15 - 45 years old, was usually doing other things. Like party the night away...

          BTW : That article on .com reads like an obituary...
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            I saw this last night (early this morning, I didn't get home from work till 3am PST), and immediately went onto the boards and made a plea that they quit being so asinine and move their campaign into a similar direction as we have here with Of course, I think the whole B5 reference may have caused any similar action to go by the wayside, seeing as how a lot of them don't like B5 because it was "a DS9 ripoff." If they only knew the truth. Anyway, I did my part, plugged B5, and went quietly into the night. =)

            I do hope that they succeed and find Enterprise a home for Season 5 (sound familiar?) on another network, just not TNT.
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              i`m so very... very happy.

              sic semper trekkies!!!
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                There is really only one person to blame for Enterprise's cancellation: Brannon Braga. His complete and utter lack of vision caused ENT's second season to be one of Trek's all-time worst (not to mention how bad Voyager as a whole was, but that's another story), causing a rating plumet that they could not overcome. Manny Coto now is doing what should have been done since day 1: show how the Star Trek universe that we all know and love came to be. Unfortunatly, it was too late.


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                  Voyager is my favorite right after TNG./
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                    I have to disagree with spoo junkie.
                    I loved the pilot but the show proper was dull in the exstreme until the xindi arc stories kicked in. This season has had little original to say, we've had The wrath of Khan revisited with the augments arc and Search for Spock/Reunification revisited with the Vulcan/Romulan arc . A couple of dull season 1 style fillers and that's it. If they had kept to the feel of the pilot and the action and progression of season 3 throughout it would have been a unique addition to the collection of series. I've never really liked Trek much, I love the original series and some of the films. There were 1 or 2 really good TNG stories, 1 or 2 good DS9 episodes, the latter half of voyager was mostly fun but only the original show got close to touching B5 in my book. Farscape on the other hand is unique and well acted and written and looks great. I miss that much more than I'll miss enterprise, though I did love most of the characters.
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                        Originally posted by Endymion
                        "The wheel turns does it not, Ambassador?"
                        G'Kar to Londo in Midnight on the Firing Line.

                        Oops, wrong thread....

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                          Our 2c's worth....

                          LightStorm and I share opinions on this.

                          If Enterprise was such crap in the mid seasons, why was it renewed at all?

                          Here is what we think, and we feel that this is indicative of all post-Classic Trek series though using St-TNG as the main example.

                          Certain bodies within Paramount have been so bent on proving that post-Classic Trek is not only as good as but even bettter than the original show. How else can it be that ST-TNG can take so long to find its feet. Most shows have found their grove by mid 1st season (such as was obvious with B5, Farscape new Galactica and others). Even most of the die-hard Trek fans that we know admit that the best TNG eps didn't start to hit until S4 onwards. So what was it doing for SOOOO long, running on idle? How many other show get away with doing that? No, we both feel that there was a push to keep it on the air so that it ran for longer than the original series. Despite the 1st three years being mainly awful, with lame and contrived humour, inconsistency and contradictions between incarnations and even between individual seasons of the same series - in even the smallest details (like a cat that changed sex from season to season) and god-awful acting from just about everyone except Pat Stewart. They even had the cheek to put in a flashback episode (was it early in the 2nd season??) on a new show!!

                          It seemed that certain persons didn't care just how crap it was, just as long as it broke the 3 year marker set up by the the classic episodes (possible sideline - At several cons here in the UK JMS was always very proud to boast that B5 was the 1st space base series to break 3 seasons - 'sour grapes' induced longevity?).

                          Now that, along side the huge financial gain of having what amounts to hundreds of 42 minute adverts for your merhcandising such as models, trading cards, books, jigsaws, pyjamas, bedspreads, costumes, toys, comics, t-shirts, videos, games, action figures, mouse mats, cheque-books, keyrings, air fresheners, drinking cups, bubblebath, phonecards, statuettes,
                          collector's plates and on and on and on it goes, you need to keep people seeing these things so that they keep wanting to collect them. (side note - The merchandising for B5 was alomst non-existant for most of the early seasons - we bought the CD, some books and that really was about it as far as we can recall, here in the UK any way, there may have been a few garage kits but back then we didn't have the money for them. Again at Uk Cons, JMS said he wanted to sell it on the story and NOT the toys you could by from it!)

                          As we pointed out, though we used ST-TNG as the main example, these critical faults apply to virtually all versions of the show.

                          So we ask again, Why, after such rubbish within its mid term stories, cancell Enterprise now after its FOURTH season?

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                            Re: Our 2c's worth....

                            Originally posted by Firebird
                            So we ask again, Why, after such rubbish within its mid term stories, cancell Enterprise now after its FOURTH season?

                            At the end of the third season a new producer was brought in. This was an emergency measure. Enterprise had to get enormous ratings or it would be killed. The ratings were not enormous.
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                              Re: Re: Our 2c's worth....

                              Originally posted by Andrew_Swallow
                              At the end of the third season a new producer was brought in. This was an emergency measure. Enterprise had to get enormous ratings or it would be killed. The ratings were not enormous.
                              But Andrew, you are mising the point. The show WAS ALREADY getting awful ratings and should never even have got its 3rd season pick up, let alone its 4th! If people had been voting with their TV channel changer for so long already, just what were Paramount expecting poor Mr Koto (sp?) to do in just one season? The figures had ALREADY shown that the show was a dead duck, so surely the supposed breath of new life was nothing more than a facade, the cost of which would be traded against the massive gains in the merchandising returns.
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