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Anyone saw the movie Cube?

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  • Anyone saw the movie Cube?

    I just saw the third movie,and it was awesome!!

    Just one little question (SPOILERS)

    Doesn't the retard is the same retard as in Cube 1? (making cube zero a prequel)

    Or does it means,if someone manage to escape they always catch that person,putting that chip into his brain and thus making him a retard?
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    I only saw Cube.
    Quite good actually, smarter than the usual slash movies (which I tend to avoid).

    SciFi channel showed Cube 2: Hypercube (I think they even actually produced it).
    I missed it deliberately, somehow repetitious premises tend to turn off my attention. I've seen it at my regular movie rental place but never picked it up.

    Do you think it's worth watching? As good or better than the first one?

    I didn't even know there was a third one...
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      Hypercube sucks compare to the first Cube,but the third one ain't so bad.
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        I avoid the generic Sci Fi channel "horror" flicks like the plague. Which tends to be what 90% of them are about anyway.

        If this is a smarter type of flick, say on the level of ... hell, I'll go as low as Stargate or Dead Zone... I'd be interested.
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          Had a choice of seeing either Pi or Cube at the time. eventually saw Cude on DVD. Good stuff but prefer Pi
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            Holly crap there is a Cube 3 hell I'll look for it at my video rental place. And for Ranger 1 who said Cube 2 Hypercube sucked compared to the original I disagree.

            Capt. Montoya I think Cube 2 was as good as Cube 1 and in some ways it was better it's worth checking out.

            Wow if Cube 3 exists on DVD I look foward to watching it.


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              Ranger1 I'm not trying to be too upperty but could you please stop using words like 'Retard'. It's rather offensive.
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                Ok sorry,i just quoted the movie,they are the ones who called him A retard or THE retard.

                I didn't call a real "slow person" a retard ever in my life and i never will,and it wasn't directed to a real person,so no need to take offensive.

                If you or anyone else got offended i apologize,but im not going to edit that word out,it was directed to an actor who played a specific role as "a retard" (thats how they described him in the movie).
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                  I tend to keep up on movies fairly well, but I don't think that I have never heard of this franchise. What is the premise?
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                    Plot Outline: 7 complete strangers of widely varying personality characteristics are involuntarily placed in an endless kafkaesque maze as subjects for a psychological experiment on conditioned human response.
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