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B5 Crew Member On "Clean Sweep"

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  • B5 Crew Member On "Clean Sweep"

    My wife is obsessed with the TLC program Clean Sweep and was watching it last night and called to me from upstairs. It seems that the husband had a Shadow Vessel Recognition Chart, which he said he got when he worked on the show!

    What is obnoxious about this show is that once they make the couple throw out a bunch of their stuff, they then take one thing from the keep pile and make them earn it back during the yardsale portion of the show. And of course, they took his poster; thankfully, he was able to raise more money than his wife in the rummage sale, so he could keep it...

    Any way, if you get TLC (The Learning Channel) on your local cable system (it is only in the US, I believe), you may want to check out this episode:

    Clean Sweep

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