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Great Babylon 5 Mod For Armada 2

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  • Great Babylon 5 Mod For Armada 2

    Hey, just thought i'd post a link to the forum for the GREATEST mod for Babylon 5 EVER! Seriously. It's worth getting Armada 2 for.

    I recommend you get it.

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    Us at Rivendell Studio put 2 years of work in Babylon 5 Armada II and are very proud of it we hope you will all check it out and we hope you will have fun with it and enjoy it as we have making it.



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      B5A2 is seriously one of the best B5 strategy games out there. Nearly every single ship from the series and movies has been modeled and is in the game. We have painstakingly recreated the fleets and weapons of B5 and created a truely remarkable conversion for Armada II. Included races are:

      -Earth Alliance
      -Minbari Federation
      -Narn Regiem
      -Centauri Republic
      -League of Non-Alligned Worlds
      -and the Vorlon Empire

      There are also a number of smaller groups that can be accessed from the main races. They include:

      -3rd Space Aliens
      -First Ones

      Check out our website and forum at

      screenshots haven't been updated since our release, but there are many current ones on the forum. Thanks.


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        It is truely a masterpeice and most likely the only decent B5 game for years to come.