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  • Happy New Year

    I didn't have a chance to wish eveyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Hollidays etc. So, Happy New Year everyone. Here is hoping that 2005 bring us everything we want in the right place at the right time and in the proper roles.

    Oh BTW Please don't drink and drive. Be safe out there.

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    I was going to post the above image as a Happy New Years image for everyone, but it seems that the img function is not working or something because desipite my using the [ img ] [ /img ] tag (without spaces of course), the board is rendering it as a link and not a picture.

    So, sorry it doesn't work folks, but Happy New Year anyway!


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      I wish everyone here a happy, safe, prosperous, arguement and trouble free 2005.

      Let's hope that it is remebered as the year mankind put its mind to solving problems instead of causing them.

      The year is 2005, the name of the place is JMSNews Forums.
      I have the wings for Bingo.


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        Shr'eshhhhhh wrote:
        "The year is 2005, the name of the place is JMSNews Forums."

        It was not our last but our best hope for a recast free TmoS.

        Happy New Year everyone!

        Hope all of you have bright prospects for it.
        What's up Drakh?