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  • tsunami appeal

    I know everyone has read about it. so its stating the obvious. If you can donate please do. The link is a UK site but you can donate from anywhere in the world.

    One up for the angry Teep

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    Re: tsunami appeal

    Originally posted by LytaaaarGh
    I know everyone has read about it. so its stating the obvious. If you can donate please do.
    I meant to chime in here earlier, Jo. Thanks for posting. The death toll is just inconcievable. Even here, so many miles away, the place where I work waited anxiously to learn the fate of one of our department head's daughters who was in the area affected. Thankfully, she'd run into travel complications and hadn't arrived there yet.

    Here's a link that some may find useful.

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      hey Jan - Im very glad your friend was ok. she was pretty lucky huh!
      I have just moved to Japan - and i feel lucky too that we werent hit. However - many of my friends and co-workers went there for christmas and I'm still waiting to hear about 3 of them, its horrible. Communiaction channels are difficult - i should learn more tomorrow i hope. The devastation is unbeliaveable - all i want to do is go there and help, the news here is rubbish and ive only recently been brought up to speed in the last few days by looking at the bbc pages. unbelieavable.

      Well it turned new year here a couple of hours ago - so i'm hoping for a better one!

      a happy and hopeful new year to you all
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      One up for the angry Teep