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    Anyone heard/read if "Dead Like Me" is returning?
    The Bluelady

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    Yes, it was announced a few months ago that they got renewed for season two with 15 episodes.

    New York, NY, (Sept. 16, 2003) - The critically-acclaimed SHOWTIME/MGM Television Entertainment series DEAD LIKE ME has been given an early renewal for a second season of 15 episodes, it was announced today by Robert Greenblatt, Showtime President of Entertainment. Stated Greenblatt: ôThis is an unqualified hit for us. Not only have the critics embraced the show, but its premiere time slot on Friday is earning ratings 60% better than the year-to-date time period average and 45% stronger than the networkÆs overall primetime average. This show portends great things for the future of Showtime, which we hope will become a home for truly original series.ö
    Full release here:
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      Thanks, Lyta
      Glad to read that!
      The Bluelady


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        I went to see LOTR today. AWESOME, FANTASTIC and even more! I've got to see it again and get the extended DVD.
        The Bluelady


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          Just wondering what other sci-fi fans (Babylon5 and other) thought of the short lived Firefly series?

          While over at my friend's house I happened to see half of an episode, and didn't mind it, but had lumped it in with the other shows like Andromeda that were playing on the sci-fi channel he has.

          It wasn't until I heard they were putting out a DVD set of all 14 episodes that I started to read the following this show had on the web. It peeked my interest on the basis of my friend's and fan's raving about the show I shelled out the $40 and bought the set on sheer faith.

          Well to steal most manages..

          This show had me from episode 1 and did a great job of delivering both background and character story in such a way that seemed a natural progression of the overall show.
          I got the feeling that the show was setting up for something big in terms of story arc...and I was saddened when I got to the 14th episode of the DVD set and wanted to know more.

          This show definately got killed by the network. Not airing the pilot episode and instead ordering a "more action oriented" pilot (episode 2) and from there on showing the episodes out of order, etc. It's a shame when the creativity of a show and it's potential are stiffled by a studio's blind opinion...sometimes I wonder if studio's can recognize an "A" project when they see one.

          I think Firefly is the same quality show as Babylon 5 is to me, and in my heart I hope it is givin another shot to be what the later evoled into - A timeless classic.
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            Re: Firefly

            Originally posted by Longshot
            Just wondering what other sci-fi fans (Babylon5 and other) thought of the short lived Firefly series?
            I really enjoyed (what little we have of) the Firefly series. The DVD box set includes several unaired episodes which is a great bonus. It's really too bad this series was canceled.

            There is apparently some work towards a feature film happening. A movie would definitely be cool, however these things tend to usually not get off the ground (no pun intended).