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    I Have an Ambitious Idea (doesn't everyone?) for a television series> I have written up a treatment, and want to reach the networks. If JMS or anyone elses can help me I would be grateful.
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    Re: Foot in the Door

    Originally posted by stewie
    I Have an Ambitious Idea (doesn't everyone?) for a television series> I have written up a treatment, and want to reach the networks. If JMS or anyone elses can help me I would be grateful.
    Hi Stewie!

    I'm sorry to tell you that JMS doesn't post here. If he reads here, we're not aware of it.

    My understanding is that you'll need an agent before pretty much anyone will look at your work whether it's a treatment, script, outline or story pitch. I think your library can help you with writer's publications.

    Good luck!

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      You may want to check the following JMS posts:

      There may be others, but I can't think of the proper search terms to find them easily.

      In addition to the library you may want to look for websites and forums dedicated to screenwriting, those may have better information and tips.
      There are a few people in these forums that work in or otherwise know about the business, but at this stage they might be busy with the letter writing campaign to show support for the original cast in the upcoming B5:TMoS theatrical movie.

      I also get the impresion of what Jan mentions, studios won't listen nor pay attention to freelancers anymore. From reading about TV I also think that very few series will actually make it due to many reasons unconnected to the quality of the idea. It seems to me that it's a tough thing you chose to do, I wish you the best. Good luck.
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        There is one way JMS may help you. If you can get hold of his guide to script writing it has many tips on how to package and sell an idea. Though the man himself will run a billion miles away from you if you try to show him your stuff. He has (justified apparently) a fear of lawsuits claiming that he has ripped off fan and unsolicited ideas.
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          Complete Book of Scriptwriting
          Author: J Michael Straczynski
          ISBN: 1582971587


          This book has sold more than 40 000 copies, been reprinted six times and is a standard text at many universities. This edition has been revised and expanded. Straczynski wrote and produced Murder She Wrote and is the creator of Babylon 5 . He has written more than 150 produced television shows as well as numerous plays, radio dramas, nonfiction articles, short stories and novels. Straczynski shows you the importance of distinguishing yourself, through professionalism and discipline, from the wannabes.

          He will help you strengthen your writing technique while urging you to bring your own vision to your work, avoid formula, and create from passion. And he takes you in for a close look at every entertainment medium hungry for good scriptwriters.
          It also contains the complete script of The Coming of Shadows, winner of one of the 2 Hugo awards Babylon 5 received.

          Writers Bookcase

          Also available on Amazon and several other sites.


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            JMS's Complete book of scriptwriting is also a very good read. It's full of the guys wicked sense of humour and does flash up alot of the pitfalls of the industry. it is however very Americacentric. (Understandable as JMS is an American writer working mostly in that arena) But it doesn;t take into account things like trying to write for British TV or Radio where there are less ad breaks (or none at all for the BBC) and shows may be longer. A minor gripe but there you go.
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              Plus in the UK both the BBC and Channel 4 are actively looking to show more indie talent on their channels.