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Old kids sci prog?

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  • Old kids sci prog?

    Ok all you sci fi nuts out there looking for the name of a kids tv programme i watched when i was a kid on uk television. as far as i can remember it frightened the life out of me

    all i can remember is
    aired around 1976, story invovled a young lad trapped in a tower which was surrounded by standing stones that spoke to him.

    not much to go on but it is all i have

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    There was an episode of Dr Who like that but I suspect it was something else.
    Andrew Swallow


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      It sounds a little bit like Children of the Stones. which is available on DVD. It also sounds a little like the film The Paperhouse which was based on a book called (I Think) Miranda Dreams, there was a tv version made (with the same title as the book) which the better half remembers, which had standing stones with eyes. (this version isn't available on VHS or DVD but the film version is....and it's rather good.) I hope this helps.

      Actually the TV version was called "Escape Into Night" and sounds even more like what you are looking for.
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