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This is a shameless plug. Read it or be non-circular!

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  • Towelmaster
    I bought the DVD-box(of course!) and I ca n say that no one who was impressed at the time will be disappointed. And putting the original Michael Burke press-report at the very beginning was a masterful move.

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  • Shr'eshhhhhh
    And (shamefully not Sir) Midge as well of course.

    I remember my toes curling with absolute pleasure at the Mick and Dave video for dancing in the street. And let's not forget the mighty Quo!

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  • This is a shameless plug. Read it or be non-circular!

    Attention all personnell : after all these years the DVD-set of LIVE-AID 1985 has come out and it's an absolute must. It is the complete who-is-who of the 1985-musicscene and a lot of the performances are extra special. If you never saw the footage of Queen, U2 in their early years, The Thompson Twins or Hall and Oats because you got out of bed too late that day, here is your chance.

    All proceeds will go to the good cause again of course, so buy it. You will love it. And you will support one of the only charities of which you can say that not one cent too much is spent on overhead.

    "Do they know it Christmastime at all?"

    Here's to you Sir Bob...