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Babylon 5 meets Solo: A Star Wars Story

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  • Babylon 5 meets Solo: A Star Wars Story

    My friend and I were talking much about the Solo movie after the Official trailer came out as well as discussing the teaser. My friend indicated that it would be neat if Harrison Ford had a surprise cameo in the film or is even the one possibly narrating it.

    I immediately remembered something similar was done with The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles where Harrison Ford played a guest spot and it shows him running through the snow to a log cabin.

    Personally I think what would kick this Solo movie up a notch is if it were done like Babylon 5: In The Beginning. Having Han Solo (Harrison Ford) telling the story the same way that Londo was telling that story. Or, what would also be a great idea is having Lando (Billy Dee Williams) being the one telling the story.

    Anyhow, those are my few thoughts for what they're worth.

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    I totally agree that having him narrate would have been awesome. I say "would have been" because I don't think there is any chance that is the case. Of course I don't know. I avoid all trailers and news about movies like this because I don't want to know any spoilers before I see it.
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