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Amazon Developing Condsider Phlebas as a TV show

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  • Amazon Developing Condsider Phlebas as a TV show

    This cannot end badly for me. If they screw it up I can take great Joy in ripping it to shrreds, if they don't I shall consume it with utter wild abandon.

    Thoughts? I'm ot sure how much JMS/Banks crossover fandom exists but I would say a lot of you would enjoy reading him.
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    I am not really familiar with the work, but I will say from reading the first bit of the article that I am not a fan of shapeshifting. I feel like too much Science Fiction falls back on the crutches of shapeshifting and time travel, two things Babylon 5 did right.

    As to this show, I hope it is great for Phaze's sake, but I will likely not watch it. There are too many shows. There are probably twenty current shows I wish I had time to watch, but will likely never get to because of all of the other stuff I am watching.
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      Banks is up there with some of the best SF authors. Consider Phlebas is not his best, work though, I would have expected something like Player of Games, Use of Weapons, or Look to Windward as better candidates for adaptation. But, if we could get a wider Culture Universe TV show going, I am totally game.
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