My daughter is almost 13 and is hugely into Star Wars right now. She and I will soon be watching B5 from the beginning.

She dropped a bombshell on me the other day that she wishes that we could build a large scale version of a Tie Fighter. I said it could technically be done, but to add a fun factor to it, it should be capable to drive on the road.

Some people here may recall that a person built a street legal Battlestar Galactica Viper.

She then started mentioning about some other different ships she and I could custom build. We have an 80 acre piece of rural property that I plan on building a large garage on it this coming summer. Now she wants me to build it bigger so that we can build a street legal science fiction ship in it Strangely enough, my wife is actually in agreement of my daughter and I doing this.

It's going to be a while before I can get the garage built, therefore we have time to research and decide what we're going to build.

So, given the chance, what type of science fiction ship/vehicle would people here build that could be driven on the road?