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Whedonesque shuts down following allegations about Whedon being a serial cheater

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    I just heard about this from here.

    I can't say I really thought a lot about Joss, so didn't have any strong opinions on the kind of person he was/is. I don't think it's ever a good idea to put celebs up on a pedestal.

    Cheating is awful, and cos I don't have any feelings about Joss one way or the other, it's easier for me to just call him a creep and leave it at that.

    But I love Johnny and June Carter Cash. And they cheated together, for a long time. I read Johnny's wife's biography. It was really interesting and filled with a lot more vitriol than Kai's blog post. But even though I was able to deeply sympathize with his ex, I still really love Johnny and June.

    So I imagine that anyone who really loves Joss isn't going to stop just because they found out he's also a cheater.

    And I'm not going to stop watching any of his shows or anything cos I like them a lot.

    I'm not sure about the "Is he really a feminist or not" argument because I think we have to define what a feminist is first. And then decide whether cheating is the opposite of that. So I don't have an opinion on that. (shakes head)

    I don't have a problem with Kai sharing what happened though. Whatever her motives. I'm sure it's galling to listen to people gush over her ex when she feels he's the total opposite of all the good stuff people say about him.

    Hopefully, this doesn't negatively affect any of the actresses he's worked with though. I can't say I disliked any of them except for whoever played Kennedy, and even then it was just the character I hated. Have no idea who the actress was.

    I guess those are all the thoughts I have about this. You're welcome for my sharing them with you.


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      Once you become famous some people want to tear you down.

      "Now that he's dead and can't defend himself, the real Truth behind Hugh Hefner's secret dungeon at Playboy mansion". (oops- It was just a film vault.sorry folks)


      Elvis' secret love child tells all.

      Gene Roddenberry's adult film collection discovered in hidden vault.



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        All I have to say is "grr argh."