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Ron Howard to Direct Han Solo Film

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  • Ubik
    Ron Howard!?! This is going to be awful.

    On balance, I suppose it depends on the script.

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  • Looney
    Well my thoughts are that this is a bad move. I love Ron Howard for things like Arrested Development, Night Shift, Backdraft, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and many others. What I don't like about Ron Howard is the example you gave, The DaVinci Code. I am less excited about this movie, but I really didn't have high hopes for a Han Solo prequel.

    I do think it is a weird coincidence that he would be Directing a movie about the origins of a character created by a man he co-starred with in a movie Directed by the man who originally wrote the character that the origin story of this character stems from. LMAO

    Ron Howard and Harrison Ford starred in George Lucas' American Graffiti
    George Lucas made Harrison Ford famous by making him Han Solo.
    40 years later Ron Howard is Directing a movie about the origins of Han Solo.
    The Wheel Turns?

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  • Truth66
    started a topic Ron Howard to Direct Han Solo Film

    Ron Howard to Direct Han Solo Film

    A couple of days ago there was an article in the local paper about Disney letting the two Directors of the film go.

    Then today on the Star Wars site it indicates that Ron Howard is taking over:

    I laughed because I had just finished watching the Special Features disc of The DaVinci Code yesterday.

    What are people's thoughts about this?