Finally, it seeems like Bryan Singer has actually found the right choice for his version of Superman. For all this time he'd been searching for a talented unknown (exactly as Richard Donner ended up doing with Chris Reeve), despite WB's pressure to opt for Jim Cazaveill (sp?). So our new Superman is......BRANDON JAMES ROUTH.....No, nor have I heard of him either! Singer himself is supposed to have confirmed this during an audience Q&A with Stan Lee, after a recent screening of X-2. He also indicated that he would use Richard Donner's film as a blueprint/basic history AND........that he would try to keep the original John Williams score! All this was received very well by the fans present, as you may expect!

My opinion is that BS has made a good series of choices so far with superhero movies, even winning over the sceptical ones
who kept asking "....Hugh who?" I'm just glad that Tim Burton never got to make it. His darkly weird sense of drama may have been better suited to BATMAN - but there is NO WAY that it would have worked for SUPERMAN.

Now that Bryan Singer has really got movie rolling, I am looking forward to it very much indeed.