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Star Trek - 50th Anniversary - Sept 8, 2016

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  • Star Trek - 50th Anniversary - Sept 8, 2016

    Space...the final frontier...

    I was there at the dawn of the...oh, wait, guess I shouldn't use that one. But I was. Saw the first episode on premiere night. That was back in the days when you watched it or had to wait for summer reruns.

    I liked it. I watched it each week. And even when it went off the air it went into reruns right away. Then tie-in books started coming out, and I'm first and always primarily a reader. As I recall, first came the James Blish adaptations and then new stories. I think the first one ever was also by James Blish, "Spock Must Die". Surprise! There was a transporter accident!

    But...and this has a bearing on my B5 fandom...when reading those James Blish adaptations of the episodes into short stories, sometimes there were differences! Somewhere I found out that he wrote using episode scripts and that piqued my interest. Not knowing anything much about how TV was made, I wondered why.

    Fast forward a number of years to Babylon 5. Watched from the first episode again (but missed 'The Gathering') and discovered B5 online about 20 minutes after getting my first computer. And then...along came Ebay! And fun things started appearing every once in a while. Like Babylon 5 scripts!! And thus, a collector was born - and it's all Star Trek's fault!

    Slightly more seriously, I've always been drawn to fiction that can make me think, can make me laugh and can make me feel and Trek at its best accomplished that. I also discovered the magic of the Sci-Fi convention when I attended an early Trek con that had almost all of the actors attending . I think that was in 1975 or '76.

    So yeah, even though B5 is my greatest love, Star Trek did get me started and played a major role in my fan life.

    LLAP, Star Trek!

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.

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    Happy 50th Anniversary for the debut of Star Trek: TOS: The Man Trap.

    May Her Royal Highness, Empress Jan, Keeper of the Sacred Scripts of Babylon 5 and Defender of the Faith of the Church of Joe live long and prosper.

    You may find this IMDb poll celebrating the 50th Anniversary interesting:
    Surprising Stars of "Star Trek" TV

    Recently, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder and CEO, fulfilled a lifelong dream of every Trekkie to be cast on a incarnation of the 'Star Trek' franchise by appearing in the latest edition: Star Trek Beyond. You would might be surprised of the number of people who have completed this quest on television alone is too long to list!

    So many different actors and celebrities have worked on one of six different TV incarnations of 'Star Trek", it is probably harder to find someone who didn't work on the show. Yet, it is still surprising to see the unexpected famous face: some were guest stars, some a first role and even others were not actors, but simply fans.

    Which person are you most surprised to realize appears on one the six "Star Trek" television series?


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      Star Trek, TNG in particular was my first TV SF love and I ADORED it throughout my teens. I taped every single episode of TNG from BBC onto VHS and had a library of episodes. I even had a TNG Bedspread with the enterprise on it, right up until my first year of Uni when it was deemed a little too uncool. (Now it would probably be 'cool' in an ironic hipster sense!)

      The TNG theme music must potentially be the one piece of music I've heard more than any other in my life. Yeah... just take a moment to process that. Hahahaha.
      Captain John Sheridan: I really *hate* it when you do that.

      Kosh: Good!