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    I also enjoyed the film. I know my buddy and I were quick to comment on how many things were pulled from the other movies and various books for this film. Curious as to how much Mark Hamill was paid to show up in costume and say nothing?

    With this movie now hitting the $1 Billion mark, there will be even more pressure for the next two episodes. Now this thought entered my mind. Did this film do really well because of what happens to Han? If this is true, will the next episode do just as well?

    I'm also wondering if they are going to draw a lot from Empire Strikes Back with Luke now taking on a similar type of role as Yoda while the rest of the universe goes straight to hell?

    Are we going to end up seeing a similar battle at the end of Episode 9 as with Return of the Jedi, or like Revenge of the Sith with two different battles going on between the light and Dark side.

    Like many others, I'm hoping that the next two episodes are not as predictable and take movie goers on an even bigger adventure that no one could've predicted.

    Just my 2 cents.


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      I'm no expert on Star Wars but I think the important thing is that this film recaptured the 'feel' of the original. Maybe people have gotten over the whole 'dark and gritty' fad?

      I think the film did well because of positive word of mouth. And it's been really amazing to see how good folks have been about not spoiling things for others. I know that Han's death came as a complete surprise right up to the point were the kid asked if Han would help him do what he needed to do.

      ETA: Just read Peter David's review of the movie. My favorite:

      I have seen any number of pompous diatribes deriding the film because of many parallels to the first one. There is, I suppose, some validity to the observances. In both films, a youth on a desert world comes into the possession of a robot that is carrying a piece of information that has to be carried directly to a rebellion movement because they have space ships, flying vehicles and light sabres, but not email.
      Good point... (and yes, I'm sure there are many in-universe reasons)

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        I like this part of Peter's review:
        Originally posted by Peter David
        First and foremost, which no one seems to have pointed out: the dialogue is better.
        *ahem* Peter! Are you not reading my posts?!?

        Originally posted by sarthaz View Post
        Overall, what I enjoyed most is that it was so competently made. The original Star Wars trilogy is fun, but it's not great cinema, and there's some terrible acting and hokey dialogue in it. And then the prequels are just garbage, turning brilliant actors into stumbling buffoons site-reading in front of a green screen with zero motivation and nonsense at every turn. So it was great to see a similar story told with really good performances, clever dialogue, and a mostly coherent plot.