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Is there a Stargate?

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  • Is there a Stargate?


    Since purchasing 80 acres of rural property this past spring, I've been finding all kinds of crap on it. Most things are from when the property was clear cut by a logging company about 7 years ago.

    As my buddy and I were clearing some brush on some of the old logging roads and trails, I was periodically checking the property on Google Maps and using the Sattelite version. Then I accidently zoomed out from the property and saw an overhead viewof Cloud Lake. This lake is minutes away from the property going down Moose Lodge Road.

    I was kind of shocked when I saw the overhead view of this lake as it looks like a side view of an Egyptian head. The attached link is a screen shot from Google.

    My property is at the corner of Pardee Road and Moose Lodge Road at the bottom left corner of the screen shot. When you follow Moose Lodge Road towards the lake it connects with the bottom front of the neck.

    Hmmm. Do we have a possible mystery here? My buddy and I keep joking around and wondering if we are going to possibly find a Stargate. About a month ago we did find a fair size hole where there is no others among the trees and this hole currently has lots of water in it. Does this hole lead somewhere?

    Olay you conspiracy theorists and Sci Fi fans, what do you think?

    Best Wishes Always