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The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper

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  • The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper

    Looking for something to hold you over while waiting for the B5 reboot movie?
    I'm listening to Nathan Lowell excellent space stories of the golden age of the solar clipper.
    Life in space as a merchant marine…

    "So, for once, the hero isn’t the Captain of the ship. He’s not even an officer. He’s a broke, uneducated, orphan from a backwater planet at the edge of no-where. He’s not a “hidden prince” and he wasn’t adopted. He’s just an average Joe trying to make it in the universe when his mother is killed in a mindless accident and he’s suddenly left to his own devices."

    These are available as free audio book downloads

    The six books are;
    Quarter Share
    Half Share
    Full Share
    Double Share
    Captain's Share
    Owners's Share