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    Well although I am primarily a marvel fan it seemed only fair to add a thread about a DC show. I am currently about halfway trhough episode two of this spin off from Arrow (which I enjoy immensely) and it is reminding me a lot of smallville in a sort of "monster of the week" way.

    I can edit this post with a detailed (spoiler tag hidden) episode breakdown when I am done but wondered if you lot had any thoughts thus far?

    Right, These are Major spoilers, plot details of each episode disucussed along wit speculation on what will happen next, do NOT highlight this stuff if you don't want to know what happens, ye have been duly warned.
    Episode one, team present, check, very quick origin story, check, main characters introduced, check, all done. He is in the suit pretty much right off the bat. We meet our first bad guy and he gets the support of the authorities.

    Fun, light hearted show, I know they spun this off "arrow" but it is much more easy going than that show. The main character is not so tortured and the overall tone (despite deaths) is more light hearted. Plus, unlike CWs other DC comic show, smallville, we don't get gradual revalation of powers just boom, striaght in. he is off and fighting bad guys in a signle episode. 8/10

    As to episode two
    We see him start to doubt himself, he has revealed who and what he is to the cop who raised him. In a VERY nice touch they have the actor who played the flash in the original show (way back in 1990). Nice introduction of the villain of the week, some more back story aso to our Dr/scientist. I am liking the time travel element and wonder how long they will spin out the whole "he can really walk" thing before Barry finds out, if it takes a id season break (given the approach of christmas that seems likely) they could cliffhang it on episode 10 or so pre thanksgiving, then come back in january with the reveal.

    And I am done
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    I saw the first one and part of the second but don't really have any thoughts. Like all of the comic book TV shows, I know that I'm missing lots of subtext but that's okay as long as it's not too terribly obvious. I can't say I liked any of the characters well enough to make it appointment TV. thing I disliked.
    The whole 'You're not my real father' thing. That was fine when he was little, not when he's a working adult.

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      My biggest problem is Iris and their whole relationship. It is weird.
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