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  • Originally posted by Capt.Montoya
    {snip}The fact that the public focus was on the infidelity and not on the lying under oath shows just how screwed up things were.
    Welcome to the world of the Anglo-Saxons.

    We tend to take the view that when the thieves, the gays and the adulaters have been removed the remaining politicians have no personnel reason to lie. So any lies are part of his job - he is therefore probably lying for us rather than against us.

    British Government Ministers have been fired when caught lying against the UK.
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    • Just on schedule a British politician is fired for lying about sex.

      Sunday Times November 14, 2004

      "Boris Johnson sacked for lying over affair

      Andrew Porter and Nicholas Hellen

      BORIS JOHNSON, the Tory MP and editor of The Spectator magazine, was last night sacked as a frontbench spokesman by Michael Howard for lying about his private life.
      The move came as details of a four-year affair with Petronella Wyatt, the daughter of the late Lord Wyatt, were revealed by her mother.

      {snip more details of the scandal}
      [moderator edit: snipped most of the article that was pasted here. Please don't paste more of copyrighted items here than are necessary. Thanks]

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