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  • Crossbones

    ...and yet another good series is about to walk the plank.

    It was kind of like "Ivanhoe" or "Three musketeers"... I quite fancied it for its atmosphere

    Apparently, there's a petition to save the series:

    Is anybody watching?

  • #2
    I saw the previews and I was really interested and...

    haven't seen it once.
    "And what kind of head of Security would I be if I let people like me know things that I'm not supposed to know? I mean, I know what I know because I have to know it. And if I don't have to know it, I don't tell me, and I don't let anyone else tell me either. " And I can give you reasonable assurances that the head of Security will not report you for doing so."
    "Because you won't tell yourself about it?"

    "I try never to get involved in my own life, too much trouble."