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  • Pat Tallman Film

    Just came across this page, had not heard of it before. Sadly the link does not work properly on my computer. Would be interested to know if anyone else can get it loaded.

    Body Electric

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    Yup, loads fine with me(Mozilla over WinXP). Not too much artwork btw, more text-info. Which is not bad of course.
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      Body Electric is Pat TallmanÆs latest film and is waiting for a general release.

      The trailer is a short film lasting 3 or 4 minutes and loads OK, providing you have sufficient ram and an up-to-date version of QuickTime. The trailer is an entire short story extracted from the full film.

      To start the extract display the poster and click on the star in the man's eye.

      Shown raw the extract is a bit jerky, after 30 seconds rewind and watch again without the jerks.

      I enjoyed the extract and would like to see the whole film. Making the film a series of black and white stills is an interesting gimmick but it is not something worth doing again.
      Andrew Swallow


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        Loads and shows all right for me (Safari, Mac OS X "jaguar").
        Of course I have the advantage that Quicktime comes pre-installed... but if you're using Windows just download the correct version and it should work all right.

        If it starts jerky you can always just pause it and wait until it loads completely.

        The title should be an obvious reference to Bradbury and the Twilight Zone.

        Never mind the electric sheep, "Androids don't really dream, Mr. Faber."

        I liked the short story/excerpt.

        Might be an interesting film, though the still image style is a bit unsettling, maybe just for its being unusual.
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          I liked it.
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