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My band's debut EP is out...

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  • My band's debut EP is out...

    A bit of a random post, but I play in a band (Mononoke), and we've just released our debut EP 'Tom Finigan'. It represents two years of hard work, and it's fantastic to finally get it out there. As anyone who creates art will know, this represents a lot of time money and effort, and I wanted to share it with you all.

    It just went live on Bandcamp today, so feel free to head over and have a listen. If you like a spot of instrumental 'Math rock' (or Prog rock to us old farts!) this may be for you. Musically it covers a lot of ground, from prog, to jazz, to metal. I like to think we've avoided doing anything too generic or derivative... so please check it out.

    We've done a short run of 100 Glass Master CDs in sturdy card wallets for those who still like to buy physical releases. The album was recorded by Chris Fielding over at Skyhammer Studios (Conan, Electric Wizard, etc) and was mastered by James Plotkin.

    Hope you dig the sounds:
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    No time right now to give it a listen but congratulations on the release!

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