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Anyone remember Exo Squad?

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  • Anyone remember Exo Squad?

    I stumbled upon this cartoon that I watched religiously when it aired. I remember it having a surprisingly epic story arc and that its depiction of war was fairly realistic for a cartoon.

    Opening credit sequence here. It has been issued on DVD, may have to hunt it down and re-watch.

    Anyone else remember it? First episode is on YouTube here.
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    No one?!?

    There's nothing sadder than a man replying to his own thread. If you liked the 90s X-Men cartoons and Mech related anime, you'll dig this. Has surprising depth for a mainstream kids cartoon.

    It's all on Youtube too. Some kind soul uploaded what looks to be VHS transfers. (It was never re-released in full). If you search Exosquad 01a, and go from there. Note, episoddes are split into two halves, so 01a and 01b, and so on. Give it a look.
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    Captain John Sheridan: I really *hate* it when you do that.

    Kosh: Good!


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      I have my final exam tomorrow then I am free until jan 13th, will make a point of checking it out ubik.
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