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    Europa Report is available on itunes and really worth a watch.

    After enjoying the Sandra Bullock movie 'Gravity', I searched Europa Report out for its more realistic current day story.

    Scored by composer Bear McCreary, (Battlestar Galactica), this film is no mere 'Mission To Mars'. It takes a technically feasible approach to a journey to Europa with a believably professional crew.

    Low budget is no obstacle for a good set and interesting cast.
    I hope Hollywood takes notice of this next generation of smart space adventures.

    Now I'm waiting for the sequel.

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    I’ve heard good things about Europa Report. I’ll will endeavour to give it a look so we can compare notes. There are plenty of indie films that make a real impact these days.

    Speaking of indie films, I still really want to see Radio Free Albemuth, the independently produced adaptation of the Philip K Dick book of the same name. They did a Kickstarter to fund distribution of the film, so hopefully I’ll be able to buy it soon!
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      (This was in the wrong forum.)

      I saw Europa Report in the cinema, but I have to say I didn't enjoy it very much. The effects were fine and the sets were great, but the screenplay was very poor (getting worse towards the end) and most of the actors were kinda wonky. I felt it was a well-meant but badly-made movie.
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