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9 Lost Doctor Who episodes found

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  • 9 Lost Doctor Who episodes found

    The BBC has just confirmed that 9 of the lost Doctor Who episodes have been recovered in Nigeria. 11 episodes, 9 of which were missing. The biggest find of missing Dr Who episodes in a few decades.

    This includes most missing episodes form the Patrick Troughton story "Web of Fear". Episode 3 is still missing, but has been reconstructed from stills.

    Now we are down to 97 missing episodes. For now, hope is all we have.
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    This is great news for the fans of the old show. B5 Books editor Jason Davis was busy getting them from iTunes last night.

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      "New" Who

      The whole process of this announcement and making them available has been somewhat odd what with rumors, denials, press embargo and such.

      Definitely been a hot topic of Who fans for the last couple of weeks.

      The whole history of why there are missing episodes and how ones have been recovered is fascinating.

      This article sums things up nicely with links to more detailed stuff:
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