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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

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  • phazedout
    I was at a talk given by Colin Baker (or as he calls himself, old sixy) March of last year and he was asked about the 50th anniversery, here, possibly modified by my fading memory, were his thoughts on the matter:

    "If they asked me to do it for a pound I'd say no, if they asked me to do it for a million pounds I'd say yes, somwhere in between those two numbers is something both I and the BBc would be comfortable with, however, in the old days we only did a special to revive flagging viewship, as far as I understand it, the current show has no issues in that regard".

    on the "Currently watching vampire diaries and considering banging my head off the mass effect final boss again for a bit (ME one)" ID

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  • Shr'eshhhhhh
    Big Finish have got all of their Doctors together so of the living Doctors only Chris isn't doing anything (unless he is only pretending).

    We even have the Docudrama with depictions of the first two Doctors (or at least actors playing the actors).

    Sadly the show itself is rather lackluster these days.
    Half a series in 2012, half a series in 2013 and a special in 3D? And with episodes like last weeks the quality and the quantity are both pointing the wrong way for a 50th shindig.

    I worry about the BBC and Britain in general.

    Things haven't looked this bad since the eighties.

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  • Jan
    I don't know that we really know everything there is to know about what they're producing. It's disappointing that Eccleston seems to have declined the invitation, though.


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  • FuryPilot
    started a topic Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

    Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

    I have been watching the discussions about the the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary -- many fans seem disappointed in what is being produced -- only the latest two Doctors being in the special, for example. There are a few more of the actors who are still alive, but rather past their prime.

    What do y'all think? Are expectations simply too great?