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    Or put it another way. The same people who made problems for the darleks probably made problems for Blake's 7.
    Andrew Swallow


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      Not exactly, the Daleks are still owned by Terry Nation's estate, they made alot of money out of the BBC by granting permission for their use in the new Dr Who Project.
      Terry Nation's estate sold the name 'Blake's 7' to a company trying to make a new series. And it is they that were behind the delays surronding Season One, Region Two.
      They may behind the delayed release of Season2 here and Season 1 region 1
      I have the wings for Bingo.


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        Yeah, I wasn't exactly overjoyed to see the 'B7E A Rebellion Reborn' logo on the back of my boxset. (even if it is tiny)

        What those jokers were trying to do with the new series is criminal. After the battering they got from fans on their website, they seem to have not been around much at the moment. One can only hope, they are re-thinking their plans for the series.

        At the very least, try to reconsile with Paul Darrow. And not abandon so much from the original series that the fans want to see.

        We live in hope.


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          Blake's7 without Paul Darrow and Jackie Pierce just isn't Blake's 7. They might as well make a totally new show with a simular feel. And as for holding up the DVD's shame on them. They may have bought Terry Nation's name but they can't stop the poor man spinning in his grave.

          On the subject of logo's the B7 a rebellion reborn's logo it total knickers. What is it meant to be? It looks like a badly drawn Christmas Holly bent into the shape of one of the weapons the Predator throws about.
          I have the wings for Bingo.