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"A Distant Soil" by Colleen Doran

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  • "A Distant Soil" by Colleen Doran

    Those of you who enjoyed Colleen's work on JMS' "Book of Lost Souls" may have discovered her own long-running project, "A Distant Soil". It's been on hiatus for a long time now but Colleen just posted this exciting news on Facebook.

    And the good news of the day is: A Distant Soil #39 solicited TODAY from Image Comics for release in April. Ladies and gentleman, I can't tell you how happy I am to announce this, and can't express just how FREAKING IMPORTANT IT IS THAT YOU LET YOUR RETAILER KNOW TO ORDER THIS BOOK!
    "15-year-old Liana now sits on the throne of the Avatar, a living weapon of mass destruction, the most powerful psionic in the universe. And she's pointed directly at Earth.
    Back after a six-year hiatus, the final chapter of the critically acclaimed space opera series begins in a bi-monthly release from Image/Shadowline"
    And folks: this is it. The final run. The last issue is #50 and I have already turned int he cover of issue 40.
    In response to somebody guessing that it must feel good to be finally finishing the story:

    It does. It does indeed. And the cover for issue 40: easily one of my best. I just love it. Can't wait for you to see it! Just think...only 30 days before you can see it! And please share! We need to get the word out there! Thanks SO MUCH!
    I'm looking forward to this!

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.