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  • New Harlan Ellison Books

    ...available for pre-order!

    Just got the heads-up email:
    NONE OF THE ABOVE is Ellison's 238-page, unproduced screenplay adaptation of Norman Spinrad's Hugo Award-nominated novel BUG JACK BARRON that was to have been directed by Costa-Gavras (Z) for Universal Pictures in the early 1980s. Respected film critic and historian Leonard Maltin has written an insightful introduction with input from Ellison on why the film has never been made.
    ROUGH BEASTS assembles seventeen never-before-collected pulp stories from the 1950s, including the Stephen King-lauded "Invulnerable," which eluded collection despite a prominent mention 30 years ago in STALKING THE NIGHTMARE. Every story has been revised by the author specifically for this collection.
    The two-book set will be available for pre-order only at starting at 10am Pacific Time on 1 November 2012. Both books are 7.5" by 9.25" paperbacks. ROUGH BEASTS (running 200 pages) will be signed by Ellison.

    Any two-book sets ordered through 6 November 2012 may have the signature on ROUGH BEASTS personalized upon request.

    The set will sell for $75. Books are expected to begin shipping by mid-November, after Ellison has completed personalizing the pre-orders.
    Wow...How many chances are there to get a personalized book from Harlan?! Very cool...

    ETA: What Harlan had to say about them:

    - Monday, October 29 2012 15:25:10


    More than a bit of a thrill!

    I am holding in my tremulous paws the Edgeworks Abbey ( first publications ever of ROUGH BEASTS and NONE OF THE ABOVE. Available now. And gorgeous editions they are. ROUGH BEASTS has a wraparound cover by C. Scott Morse, and NONE OF THE ABOVE is the first published version of my politically oh-so-incorrect screenplay based on Norman Spinrad's classic BUG JACK BARRON. (Paul Guay and other Libertarians should find it why they call me the "loose cannon.") The latter features a new, excellent introduction by film critic Leonard Maltin, and the former is 17 stories I wrote "before I got up to speed." Looking back, not a bad commencement for a loooong career. Like opening Imhotep's tomb and finding golden artifacts. Or walking mummies.

    I'm pretty well stoked. It's been a while sine I've had any "First Editions" of previously unreleased material, and both of these, the collection and the 270 page screenplay, are seeing their first release.

    I mention this, well, in hopes that you find the new entities as wondersome as do I.

    Jason Davis cannot be commended vociferously enough.

    I needed a smile today, as Sandy rushes down on all my East Coast friends, whose safety is topflung on my list of important things for today. And today is special, as you might have gathered.

    Yr. Pal, Harlan
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    The set is now available for pre-order!

    Remember, signed AND personalized "Rough Beasts"!

    "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.


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      Just under three days left to get your signed and inscribed all-new Harlan Ellison books at!

      Read for your self the work that qualified Ellison to serve as conceptual consultant on Babylon 5! Read the early pulp stories that inspired a young J. Michael Straczynski! Read the extraordinary screenplay adaptation of Norman Spinrad's Bug Jack Barron; a must-read for this election year!

      Get yours now and Harlan will sign it to you! That's right! Your name on the signature page...and you didn't even have to wait in an autograph line after building a time machine to visit one of his signings in the past!

      Under three days left to buy this signed and inscribed two-book set by Harlan Ellison and edited by B5Books editor Jason Davis! Don't miss your chance!


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        Harlan seems really happy about how these are going:

        - Monday, November 5 2012 20:48:45

        The inscrutable numbers-crunchers are telling me, with a touch of awe in thir larynxes, that ROUGH BEASTS and NONE OF THE ABOVE--both never-before-published First Editirons--are outslling all previous Ellison titles by a wide margin. This is just to advise my pals Patton Oswalt, Neil Gaiman (would someone please get to his Facebook and tell him Susan and I are conspicuously worried about her health via garbled third-hand reports!!), Leonard Maltin, Norman Spinrad and others close to me, such as Ed Bryant, you'll be getting your gorgeous new Firsts as soon as I've signed and personalized the 5-600 Jason Davis has slated for ASAP posting! Patience, a few more days; patience! I'm dancing as fast as I can.

        Yr. Pal, Harlan
        Last day to order the signed and personalized edition. And don't forget to send in your personalization request - Operators (what's the email equivalent?) are standing by!

        "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.