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Now recycling airborne CO2

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  • Now recycling airborne CO2

    Well, this will put a crimp in some people's styles, if it can be done at all inexpensively...

    Could this mean the end of the oil crisis (and of AGW) as we know it?
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    Wow, that is cool. I hope they get it working, they can locate next to a coal plant, they'd CO2 ever need.
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      That is cool. I wonder how much elictricity the process uses.
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        Wow, very shiny, and one of the most bizarre new energy techs I've read about!

        There are other technologies further along in the development pipeline...

        Thermal depolymerization has been producing oil, sometimes at a net profit (lots of disfunctional Pakled politics involved).

        PBS' NOVA did a fascinating episode on clean energy called "Making Stuff: Cleaner".
        That webpage is a monstrosity, as seems typical with PBS, so just keep searching the ep title until you reach the transcript or other means to see it - do it while you can, in case Etch-ie kills 'em.

        The technology does exist.
        We just need to cut thru the noise and pass the word to the Muggle majority.
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