Found on Harlan's Webderland site:

The Harlan Ellison Collection at Blastoff
Greetings all --

Scott Tipton here, comic-book writer and historian, and co-owner of Blastoff, an online destination specializing in both discussing and selling vintage comics. Our Esteemed Host Mr. Ellison and local-sheriff-around-these-parts Mr. Wyatt suggested I introduce myself and what we're doing in regards to the links you may have seen about The Harlan Ellison Collection.

In short, Harlan has unlocked the vault of the Lost Aztec Temple of Mars just a crack and allowed us to sneak out for sale a few of the wonders from his astounding comic-book collection. But why listen to me when you can hear it from The Man himself:

There are links at the top of this page and on the homepage, or you can take a look at the first selections available for sale here:

Haven't had a chance to check it out myself yet but I'm looking forward to it.