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    jal: i would classify it as very bland sc-fi, it never stirrs the emotions, never gets the pulse going, it just spouts technobabble and not much else.
    Come on, have you ever seen more than one episode (or better more than season 1 or 2)???

    For example, when Jake (Siskos son) is in a warzone and finds his own weaknesses (which everybody has), that was one of the best Star Trek episodes, EVER (for me). ("... nor the battle to the strong" #102 Season 5)

    Also *very* good from the character perspective was "In the Pale Moonlight" (#143 Season 6). What is "right" and what is "wrong", and why is sometimes something that is "wrong" needed to do. Very deep questions, and everybody can think by himself about answers...

    Also the Sektion 31 storyline(s) was (where) interresting (e.g. "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" #166 Season 6), especially because it didn't give "that is right, that is wrong"-answers, just "that is my opinion, that is your opinion". Clearly the good doctor knew what was right and wrong in the beginning, but he begins to doubt the "clear cut" way at the end...

    I liked "Trials and Tribble-ations" (#104 Season 5) also, because it showed how much the writers and actors liked the original series, granted, it was not much of a story, but heck of a flashback 8o)

    Or "Dr. Bashir, I Presume" (#114 Season 5), "Statistical Probabilities" (#133 Season 6) and the following stories regarding the "secret" (and the groovie weirdos *g*). IMHO it is how we look onto geneticaly modified persons to show who we are. And I found the position of the Federation in that matter very realistic... I also found myself very found of the "weirdos", because they are brilliant, but they are missing "social intelligence", and where that leads to you can see in #133... very nice done (IMHO)

    "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night" (#141 Season 6) was also interresting, because we tend to make dead persons bigger than they where, sometimes to our and others hurting. But I was not very "near" to Kira whatsoever (her character was not very approachable (sp?) for me), I just liked the background of the story...

    As you can see, I recomend episodes from season 5 and 6. If you want to give DS9 a "fair trial" you should either begin watching with season 4 or 5, or if beginning with season 1 you should hold out for that long. It really get's better, beginning with season 4.

    jal: just that the trek franchise is overrated.
    Here I agree, but still, some episodes are worth watching... maybe one should do a "condensed" version of Deep Space 9? 8o)

    Capt.Montoya: The technobabble Deus ex Machina solutions to problems became formulaic.
    That's true for TNG and the episodes of Enterprise I have seen. But part of why I liked DS9 was that they didn't press the Reset after every story. That there where storylines going through the seasons, albeit less than with Babylon 5, but still...

    Capt.Montoya: ...but I deplore the existence of the Trekkie fanaticism and their unquestioning loyalty to Trek.
    "Trekkies" are a diversive (sp?) group. There are even some that don't like to be branded as such, because they think of Trekkies as loonies *g*. I think the two biggest movements in the Trekkie group are the escapists (sp?), which want to live in an utopia, without war and crime, where the "good people" win and the bad ones loose, and the second are the "Groopies", who want to be part of something bigger. I mean, you can dress like Halloween at every convention, and there are a lot of crazier people there, regardless what you do... It is like with religion (the group experience, not the personal experience), you are part of a movement, and the group is stronger, gives you more meaning...

    jal: as someone who spent most of the time reading sc-fi (from Azimov to Zelany), what was on tv was just a pale immitation of the written word.
    I agree, SciFi was one of the reasons why I spend so much time with "the books" *g*

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