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    This past week I signed up for HuluPlus to stream through my blu-ray player. While scrolling through the list of older TV series available, I was pleasantly surprised to see the short lived 2000 series DEADLINE starring Oliver Platt as a Jimmy Breslin-type NYC tabloid columnist. Bad news was that it was only available for one more week, so I quickly shotgunned all the episodes, especially since there were a few from the end of the series that I never saw when it first aired.

    Now that I've finished the show (and catching up on the last season of 30 ROCK) I'm looking forward to revisiting a few things like THE STATE, AMERICAN GOTHIC, LIFE and JOHNNY SOCKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT.

    Anyone else using Hulu? What are your favorite shows you've found on the service?
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    Originally posted by SmileOfTheShadow View Post
    Is hulu plus paid?
    Yep it is. 10 bucks a month, I think ... but still has ads.
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      Eight bucks actually. But I got my first month free as a trial and then got a second month free for linking my Hulu account to Facebook.
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        I do not use Hulu, but if you liked that tabloid show, try FX's Dirt.
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