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    Originally posted by Jan View Post
    Just a quick look while I'm at lunch but I do love the color schemes you're using. Thanks for sharing. Wish I were able to contribute a bit but it's just not feasible at the moment.

    No worries. Just glad people like it. I'd work on everything for free if I could survive that way.

    And yay for the strong colour schemes! All our work related to that setting (the Lands of Dream) is in that style: strong lines, intense colours. And I love it.

    (To clarify: these images were drawn by my wonderful, wonderful wife, who is my collaborator in most of these projects. I just tend to say "we" for everything.)
    Jonas Kyratzes | Lands of Dream


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      If you're interested in playing a vertical-scrolling sci-fi shoot'em up with an unusual setting, I've just released Traitor.

      If you're more interested in something simple and emotional, a while ago I made something called The Fabulous Screech. It's a game about knowing a cat.

      (Come on, folks, I'm sure I'm not the only one here making stuff!)
      Jonas Kyratzes | Lands of Dream