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    Today's the 45th anniversary of the first episode of the gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows. It's one of my three major Fandoms in my life. I loved the show, bought the trading cards, sighed over the actors (and wanted to grow up to be one of the actresses - it didn't work) and all the other Fan stuff. Loved the show, didn't care much for the movies. Wore out a few copies of the soundtrack album.

    I watched it in re-runs on various channels through the years - I think it may have been the first soap to ever *have* re-runs but I'm not sure of that. I was thrilled when the prime-time remake came out in the '90s starring Ben Cross and even felt a little disloyal that I felt most of the new actors were better than the originals.

    Now Johnny Depp is creating it anew and I'm looking forward to this one. I hope it's not just a re-telling of the show again but I also hope that it manages to keep the same feel as its predecessors.

    Happy Anniversary, Dark Shadows!

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    So...should I watch this, Jan? Will I like it?
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      Which one??

      The original is *extremely* dated and was filmed 'live on tape' which meant almost no re-takes, which made for some incredibly funny bloopers. If you can find it, you might want to start in when Barnabas Collins arrives.

      I didn't care much for the movies.

      The 90s remake was wonderful. Great sets, great acting...but only 13 episodes and ended on a cliffhanger (so to speak). I definitely recommend it. It's one of the few shows I bought on VHS and then DVD.

      Don't have a feel for the new Depp movie but I've been hearing good things about the casting.

      "As empathy spreads, civilization spreads. As empathy contracts, civilization we're seeing now.