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RIP Elisabeth Sladen

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  • RIP Elisabeth Sladen

    'Sarah Jane' has passed away from cancer.

    I'm sad. Loved her character from the first time I saw her (on new Who).

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    This is sad news. I loved the Sarah Jane Adventures, although they only showed the one season here on BBC America. Rest in Peace Ms. Sladen.


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      Sarah Jane is my first and favorite "Doctor Who" companion.

      Rest in peace, Elisabeth Sladen.


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        We met her just last summer and she was lovely! Such a loss, in general and to the WHO 'family'

        All best wishes to her family.
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          Indeed a sad day for "Who" fandom.

          RIP Liz Sladen

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            Very sad. She was terrific.
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              Someone has set up a Facebook page commemorating Elisabeth Sladen.

              The Elisabeth Sladen Memorial Page
              R.I.P Elisabeth Sladen. 1,120 likes ยท 13 talking about this. Whovians, your family and friends will love and miss you forever, Miss Heath-Sladen. Sleep well with the angels <3 xxxxxxx


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                Yeah, this was terrible news.
                I grew up with Tom Baker's Dr Who, and of course, Sarah Jane. She was always the best Who companion.
                It was great to see her get her own show finally in recent years. And it was good to see my 6 year old nephew falling in love with the show, just as I did with Dr Who at that age.
                We will miss our Sarah Jane


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                  Goodbye, my first companion.


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                    Oh my! Time for the Doctor to go back in time and bring her back!
                    What's up Drakh?