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B5 fan + B5 script writer = WIN!

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  • AmyG
    Thank you, both! Lovely comments! And Dan, unfortunately, the way round 1 goes, it is purely number of votes: the top 20 vote-getters will have their audition tapes heard by Neil Gaiman. So, I really need to get the numbers first! (Incidentally, I'm not sure, but from the message I'm getting on my screen as I refresh the page, it looks like you might be able to vote once a day, so keep that page bookmarked, folks!)

    DGTWoodward, I do indeed have a musical background (I studied opera in college, and have been doing musical theater, Gilbert & Sullivan, rock bands, etc., since childhood), but I have also acted. I've been off-Broadway, and that show actually got me my one and only NY Times review (they called me "the sweet and lusty Amy Guskin," I kid you not!). Additionally, my husband and I have a home studio with lots of professional equipment, mics, etc., so recording a single speaking voice properly is a snap, here. Our biggest problem last night was the unceasing rain pelting against the house! We had to wait for a break in the rain, and hope I could knock it out of the park in one take.

    Oh, and o.b. Babylon 5 (as though Neil Gaiman isn't on topic for B5!), I tried to channel dear, beloved Andreas as I spoke. Right before we recorded I listened to G'Kar reading the first few lines of Yeats' "The Second Coming." I mean, I could never hold a candle to him, but I hoped I might get some inspiration!

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  • DGTWoodward
    Dan is correct.

    You have a musical background, don't you Amy? Something like that would certainly account for your superiority in inflection, timbre, pitch, pace and power than alot of the others.

    I voted.

    Hope you win.

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  • Dan Dassow
    Amy, I could not vote for you in good conscious without listening to you and a few other of the voice actors first. After listening to over 40 of the actors, this is what I wrote:

    I found this speaker very effective. She has a clear voice and enunciates well. She also has great pacing and modulates volume, pitch and speed in a manner suitable for the material. I could listen to this person narrate the text for an extended period of time without fatigue.
    I certainly hope that the judges pay more attention to the comments, rather than just counting up the votes. The people commenting on your performance wrote very cogent remarks that accurately deconstruct your performance.

    I did not have the patience to listen to all 833 speakers. I found quite a few of the entrants did not know how to record the human voice and had annoying background noise. Amy, it is clear that you know how to professionally record your voice.

    Of the forty people I listed to, these are the ones I consider viable in rank order:
    ( 1) 10 - Amy
    ( 2) 5 - Robert Atendido
    ( 3) 819 - FlockofFay
    ( 4) 815 - scotrace
    ( 5) 831 - Killmobile
    ( 6) 14 - Nikali222
    ( 7) 30 - Divashark
    ( 8) 827 - Eyeballkid
    ( 9) 820 - EmAsb
    (10) 20 - allieoops
    (11) 13 - ftempt

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  • AmyG
    started a topic B5 fan + B5 script writer = WIN!

    B5 fan + B5 script writer = WIN!

    Hi, all,

    I am here to beg for your help! I have just entered a contest and I NEED YOUR VOTES! I I have submitted an audition tape to Harper Collins to win a speaking role in the upcoming 10th anniversary audio recording of Neil Gaiman's (writer of the 5th season episode, "Day of the Dead," so I figure it's related ) "American Gods." The first step is to GET VOTES. If I am one of the 20 highest vote-getters, Neil honest-to-goodness Gaiman will listen to my audition tape, and decide whether or not I will get the part.

    So, please, please, please go here, listen to my short audition tape (or not), and vote for me:

    Vote for Amy to win a speaking role in American Gods

    You should arrive at a page with a picture of me in my orange-walled office. If you want to listen, click on the play link below my photo. If you just want to vote, click on the "Vote" tab above my photo. You should arrive at a page that shows my picture, and a bunch of others. Please vote for me ONLY. There are hundreds of entries, but surprisingly most only have 10 or 12 votes! A few people have 100 or so votes. I want to get as many votes as possible, to make sure I'm one of the top 20 so that I can get my fair shot at an audition.

    I have long dreamed of getting into voice work, so this contest seems tailor made for me. I'm terribly excited, and hope I can count on the great B5 fan community to help me out!

    Thanks in advance, so much, for helping me get a chance at making a dream come true. And, if you feel comfortable asking your friends to vote for me, I'd be delighted!