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  • Bookperk just announced the Winner of the Neil Gaiman Audio Contest about 15 minutes ago. Everyone who voted should receive the notification, if you did not cancel your Bookperk account.

    I will leave it to Amy to determine whether she wants the name of the winner posted here.
    Last edited by Dan Dassow; 05-09-2011, 05:46 PM.


    • It's fine, Dan. Congratulations to Nicole Quinn, and I hope the other entrants all had fun, at least!


      • Speaking of Neil Gaiman:
        'Doctor Who' Preview: A 'Today' Show Cameo, New Clips, And Neil Gaiman!
        Posted 10 hrs ago by Rick Marshall in News

        ... Earlier this week, former Today show co-host Meredith Vieira recently visited the Cardiff set of "Doctor Who" for a fun segment on the series. You can watch it in full on the show's website, but I've clipped a particularly funny exchange with star Matt Smith that you can check out below:

        In other "Doctor Who" news, next week's premiere of "The Doctor's Wife" is getting a lot of extra attention thanks to the involvement of noted comic book writer and novelist Neil Gaiman.

        Multiple previews and clips from the episode have found their way online at both the BBC UK and BBC America websites. You can watch a few of them below, and it also might be worth a look back at my interview with Gaiman conducted almost a year ago, in which he offers up some vague hints about the episode and described his history with "Doctor Who."

        Here's the trailer for "The Doctor's Wife," which airs this Saturday at 9 PM Eastern on BBC America: ...


        • Can't wait, but don't want to see any clips beforehand!