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    I think it's about time we start talking about the music and groups we like....

    As I mentioned in the "what does your user name mean" thread at the B5 discussion I put "under the milky way" as my location, and "time being" in my custom title in homage to my favorite group The Church...

    That lead to the following comment:
    Originally posted by Endymion
    Capt. Montoya: I've been really getting into The Church after Donnie Darko (such a great film) ... They're an excellent band. I have their recent album as well as "Sometime Anywhere" ... what other CDs do you recommend? I have heard 'Starfish' is good.
    So instead of overtaking that thread I'll reply to that here:

    For other The Church albums get:
    Priest=Aura, a fan and band favorite.
    Starfish (the album where UTMW came from) is a "classic" album, and a sentimental favorite for the many fans that found the band with it. Still a great example of "alternative" rock from the late 80s.
    Hologram of Baal, was a return to form that put them on the path to their latest album Forget Yourself. If you find Hologram of Baal with the bonus disc called "Bastard Universe" you'll get to hear an instrumental jam, lasting a whole 79 minutes, of improvisation.
    Before FY they released After Everything Now This, also good, but a more "quiet" album than FY, mellow in comparison.
    The album A Box of Birds is made of covers from their influences and favorites, maybe not an album for the casual fan. Same goes for Parallel Universe, an album of remixes from "After Everything..." which has been hit or miss with most fans. The second CD off Parallel Universe has six unreleased cuts from the same recording sessions which are essential for the dedicated fan.
    Gold Afternoon Fix is also good, it was the follow-up to Starfish and a logical continuation from that. Some fans don't like it much, I think that's only because it didn't fulfill their expectations. I do like it.

    Before the breakthrough hit "Under the Milky Way" the Church had an eight year career already, the album right before Starfish, Heyday is also a good one, if you like it then start exploring further back. (there are recent remasters of the early albums with bonus discs with B-sides and videos). Many fans also consider Seance an essential early album.
    The best way to explore the early Church would be Hindsight 1980-1987, which was a sort of "best of" plus b-sides, which is out of print, but still can be found on used CD stores sometimes (also on ebay).

    There is likely to be a CD of "b-sides" and unreleased cuts from the Forget Yourself recording sessions in the near future, it will be called "Besides Yourself."
    Currently there are two songs that should appear in that album available for download through the iTunes music store, together with a live version of Under the Milky Way (that song alone is the only official live release they've ever done).

    The band members have also released lots of solo albums and participated in many side projects. If you want to see just how much The Church has released go to the unofficial discography website:

    "Under the Milky Way" has been the boon and bane of The Church, a great song, which they still play live, the song that made them known to many that became fans (like myself), but also one that unjustly labels them as "one hit wonders of the 80s" in the minds of many. But The Church is a band that continued evolving beyond that, and have not stopped recording at all. Still touring internationally to promote each new album, even if playing only to small crowds composed mostly of dedicated fans, and they refuse to play a song live only because it was popular.

    It is my favorite band, but I don't want to make this thread only about them...

    I'd love to know what music other B5 fans enjoy.
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    I couldn't really pin down any one type of favorite music. My collection is mostly classic rock, from Beatles and Stones to Aerosmith and Queen to Mellencamp and Springsteen. But I've got loads of stuff... a bunch of 80s one-hit collections... I'm a sucker for operatic storytelling type stuff, so I have Meat Loaf and Trans-Siberian Orchestra... a lot of game music soundtracks, from Final Fantasy to Rez, as well as most of the great remix CDs put out by fangroups in that arena... and I have one fringe band I subscribe to, by the name of Freezepop, which is an oddball synthpop group, very retro, and very infective music.

    So I'm pretty much jack-of-all-tastes. My next pickup will probably be classical music, orchestral or piano Beethoven or Bach such, as I've suddenly developed an interest.

    Also... Pink Floyd owns. That is all.
    Radhil Trebors
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      My favorite band has to be Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society. Zakk was Ozzy's guitar player starting with No Rest for the Wicked. I like Ozzy's stuff with Zakk and Jake E. Lee, too, but I am just not a big fan of his stuff with Randy Roades.

      I also like:

      Godsmack (older stuff)
      Lenny Kravitz

      Among other current bands, I also like all manner of classic rock, both 60's and 70's, and I like some old school country like George Jones. And classical.
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        Radhil, as fan of game music and remixes, you may find this site interesting

        OverClocked ReMix is a video game music community with tons of fan-made ReMixes and information on video game music.

        And sry if you already knew that one.


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          Yeah, I know that one, and this one, though I don't check either often. Just hit them every now and then, scroll through the top lists, see if anything gets my attention. These guys are the ones I try and watch consistently. Some good CDs.
          Radhil Trebors
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            Thanks for the links, Radhil. I really think it is amazing how many cool and sophisticated stuff can be found at those sites.


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              I wouldn't know where to begin with my music collection, its so varied.

              Instead I'll go back to Donny Darko from which the Church song was so well incorporated. Just really wanted to mention the rest of the soundtrack which was equally awesome.

              From the opening track from Echo and the Bunnymen, through to Tears for Fears and Duran Duran, then to Joy Division and others I forget now. Not forgetting, of course, Gary Jules' Mad World (another Tears for Fears song.)

              This soundtrack, along with the main score (inspired largely from the Mindblowing 'Blade Runner' soundtrack) is fantastic, and adds amazing mood to the film.

              As a Brit, it was refreshing and nostalgic to hear these old 80's Brit songs again.

              (As a matter of interest, the Church song was the only one I did not remember from the 80's. I went straight to the net and bought an original promo single of the song straight away, however.)


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                Likewise, my collection is so eclectic, from Poulenc to Alice Cooper, via a large selection of compilations discs - mostly 60's 70's 80's stuff.

                What I play depends so much on mood, weather, what I'm doing - the housework demands stuff I can sing along too, loudly!


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                  Originally posted by Chakoteya
                  Likewise, my collection is so eclectic, from Poulenc to Alice Cooper, via a large selection of compilations discs - mostly 60's 70's 80's stuff.

                  What I play depends so much on mood, weather, what I'm doing - the housework demands stuff I can sing along too, loudly!
                  Beyond The Church my collection is also quite eclectic, minus the 60s stuff, the 70s are somewhat underrepresented (I call that selectivity) in my collection, while the 80s are overrepresented (the teenage years can leave such a profound mark on one's musical sensibilities), and the 90s and contemporary music are also "selectively underrepresented."

                  The other stream of music I listen to a lot is Rock En Espa±ol, with Jaguares and La Barranca among my top three favorite bands, and several other groups from MÚxico, Spain, Argentina, and other Latin countries.

                  And some classical music too... Poulenc's Organ Concerto is a brilliant piece of work.
                  Such... is the respect paid to science that the most absurd opinions may become current, provided they are expressed in language, the sound of which recalls some well-known scientific phrase
                  James Clerk Maxwell (1831-79)


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                    My favorite band of all time is The Chameleons. They were out of Manchester in the early 80's and recorded a few minor hits only to break up after the death of their manager Tony Fletcher.

                    They recently reformed and recorded a new album in 2001 toured in 2002 and broke up very publicly in Wishville, their online forum boards attached to their webpage. It was an ugly break-up and the band have no plans to reform at this date.

                    Songs that they are known for: Swamp Thing, Up the Down Escalator, In Shreds, Thursday's Child, Less Than Human, A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days

                    Other bands that I like: Echo & the Bunnymen, The Smiths, A-Ha, U2, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Peter Gabriel, INXS, The Jam, Devo, Interpol, The Flaming Lips, The Cars, The Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Dif Juz, The Police, Portishead, The Wild Colonials, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, Prince, Bjork, Propaganda, Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, Peter Murphy, Siouxsie & the Banshees ... obviously some of these bands date me. I turned 33 yesterday.

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                      Here is a list of my favorite artists:

                      * Christofer Franke

                      * Evan Chen

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