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  • Virtuality

    Has anyone seen Virtuality (from Ronald D. Moore)? It's the pilot of a Sci-Fi Series that never came... and after watching the movie I'm not too sad about it . It's kinda BSG/SG:U meets Sunshine thing... not very well written and produced IMO.
    U can watch the whole thing on youtube if u like:

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    Hey, it's Holodeck Malfunction: The Series!
    Jonas Kyratzes | Lands of Dream


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      Originally posted by Jonas View Post
      Hey, it's Holodeck Malfunction: The Series!
      Hahaha! And I thought Star Trek covered all possible holodeck malfunctions a human could think of ^^


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        I for one thought the lack of a pick up was very sad.

        It was certainly different, with some superficial nods to the Holodeck and emergent phenomena.

        But was not the 90 percent accurate CG of an actual 60's era nuclear bomb powered ORION starship not worth the price of admission?
        (Project Orion was originally planned to power to orbit from Jackass Flats, NV. Wikipedia has a cool article on this

        Seriously, it was not perfect, but I would have loved to see a season of this more than Season 1 and only of Defying Gravity, IMHO.
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