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The Late Great Story Arc?

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  • The Late Great Story Arc?

    I've really appreciated Caprica, and it's sad to see it go and/or morph into Blood and Chrome on SyFy...
    This was one of few genre series that kept my attention like B5 did.
    Some disagree and prefer less arc and more stand alone episodes in a series.
    What say you?
    Perception is reality...
    Until the audit goes public.


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    What I enjoy most is when episodes are able to be enjoyed on their own, but still are tied to a story arc. Terriers on FX did an excellent job this season of having individual stories that seem resolved when you watch single episodes, but later end up tying all the plots together in one over-arcing plot that you don't see coming early on. It's the trick of having one plot seem like multiple plots, like the Psi Corps in B5; initially it just seems like background information, but later we learn that the Vorlons created the telepaths to fight the Shadows and the Shadows got to the Psi Corps to be able to control that aspect and the over-arcing plot becomes clearer. When a show jumps right into the arc and ends up resolving nothing within an episode, you end up with Twin Peaks or Happy Town where they rely on you not knowing what's going on in the early episodes to bring you back to the next one, and it's hard to keep the viewers' attention.