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Are you voting for the Hugo Awards 2010 ?

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  • Are you voting for the Hugo Awards 2010 ?

    Last year I decided to become a "supporting member" of the WorldCon, since I did not intend to attend in person - too much travel.

    Members of the WorldCon can download vast amount of material nominated for the awards, so I did just that. I did the mistake of starting out with the novels, so in that respect ran out of time for reading much of the remaining material.

    This year I have decided to start with the shortest fiction, and working up to the novels. This will enable me to cast informed votes on more stuff than I managed last year. If you have the interest you can follow my progress on my blog (yes it is waking up a bit again).

    So : Any of you voting for the Hugo Awards this year ?
    Jan from Denmark

    My blog :

    "Our thoughts form the Universe - they *always* matter"