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    Happy Town is on Wednesday night 10 PM EDT on ABC. They've aired one episode so far and I remembered to DVR it. I think it's pretty interesting so far; it's very Twin Peaks like in style - murder in a small town; mysterious happenings; strange connections that the audience hasn't been able to figure out yet. They've tried pretty hard to make authentic mid-west dialogue here (it takes place in Minnesota) and there's an intriguing story so far.
    The small town is trying to forget their dark history from five years earlier when mysterious kidnappings plagued the town; children just vanished leaving only a single possession behind. The current sheriff assumes that the "Magic Man", the man they believe responsible, is probably dead by now. Everyone leads a happy life and the Bread Factory keeps the town's economy going. The first episode starts with a murder which may or may not be connected to the kidnappings, and it appears that the "Magic Man's" daughter has moved to the small town. The Sheriff (or that which possesses the sheriff) seems to know her somehow.

    I am looking forward to the next episode and am hoping that if you jump in at episode 2 you won't be lost. Since May is sweeps month, the upcoming episodes will determine whether this show lives on or dies. If you enjoyed Twin Peaks, you will like this.
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