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    Originally posted by Night Marshal View Post
    i like parts of Andromeda, but I still don't understand the fifth season at all. How they got there, whats going on. Why is the ship broken, why do stars have avatars now like ships. Just confusing as all get out.
    ******************* SEASON 5 SPOILERS ******************

    What actually happened in Season 5 was
    Trance used the Route of ages (discovered in season 4) to Tesseract the crew to a shadow (or pocket) universe before Arcology was destroyed. It is the same Shadow universe that the Verdrans had locked Tarn Vedra into. This theory was mentioned in season 2 that the Vedrans not only locked the planet off from Slipstream, but put it into a shadow universe.

    Quote from Season 2: Episode 18 "The Fair Unknown"
    Dylan "Dimensional Travel. so She's Tesseracting."
    Rommie "Obviously Tarn-vedra has made signifigant progress in the last 300 years."
    Dylan "Obviously. Rommie, you think thats how they cut themselves off from slipstream? Massive tesseract?"
    Rommie "Tarn Vedra hiding in a shadow universe? Its not impossible."

    The Vedrans created a solar system by manufacturing planets and a second sun, then they essentially abandoned the planet.

    another point is that every character arrived in the seefra system at a certain point in time. So Andromeda arrived months if not a year before Dylan arrived. being broken is the fact it didn't have power and people were laying claim to it and salvaging what it could that was useful. mainly they needed fuel more than anything.

    And the Avatars are more than just suns, there are moons and even the black hole dylan was trapped in has an avatar. its essentially their power manifested into a being in which we can understand and communicate with.

    They surmised the spirit of the Abyss was essentially an Avatar, but could never really discover what it was.
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      Didn't read the spoilers, but I started rewatching this now that there's this thread. I'm 3 episodes in. It's realllly cheesy. The music can be bad with the fake instruments, the fight scenes a little over the top, but it's got a good feel, and characters I care about. Which is more than most shows these days.
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        I think in the beginning I liked Andromeda but somewhere along the line it really did go down hill. I would probably guess it was that the point others have mentioned when Wolfe left but I couldn't honestly say. I did stick with it even though it was pretty bad by the end by which time I was only watching the occasional episode of the 5th season.